Smile Because it Happened.

What a fitting quote [by Dr. Seuss] to start a brand new year with. I saw it on Twitter earlier and it inspired me to quickly sit down an write this post.

dont-cry-because-its-over-smile-because-it-happened-148Today will be my first day back at work after my festive break and I’m finding myself sitting here – writing this – with a smile on my face.

This has literally had to be the best holiday that I’ve had in my entire working life. It was jam packed; with friends, family lots of laughter, lots of food, lots of wine, a long walk on the beach, reflections and realizations of how easy it is to miss out on things that are actually important in life.

Now, I feel focussed and ready for the 2015. 2014 was tough, but it was necessary and good. There were many milestones that I’ve [you’ve] managed to check off my [your] list and that should inspire us to keep moving forward and setting our bar even just a bit higher in all areas of our lives.

So to you (my; friends, family and acquaintances) who returned to work today, let me take this moment and welcome you to it.

Here’s to more success stories, to reaching more milestones, to learning more new things and smelling all the flowers as we go about achieving our ambitions.

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Quotes from Songs: ‘I Go for Broke’


I can literally apply this line to every aspect of my life.

… I go for broke, a lesson I can’t afford, but for what it’s worth I’m ready to pay… For the rest of my life!

When my determination’s burning a whole in my chest and I just gotta go for that thing that makes me come alive. When that feeling’s that strong, the cost to accomplish it is then but a fraction of my concern.

This track takes me to that brink, every-single-time, and I love it!

  Rest of My Life – Ludacris Feat. Usher, David Guetta

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Give a head start to your heart : Rory Eliot at TEDxWesterfordHighSchool

RoryI think I saw Rory for the first time in 2003, when a good friend of mine – Emelio Gassibe (who ended up as the bassist for Plush for a number of years) went to watch a Plush show at the Armchair Theater in Observatory, Cape Town. In the band that night was Rory, the late Chaz Smith and Dom Peters, who is now part of the very successful Goldfish. Not that it counts, or should count for anything, but I was impressed by their performance that night.

I think what did it for me was the ‘honesty’ I got from listening to Plush. Rory just came across as a genuine guy, genuinely passionate about his music and how he delivers it to his audience. It is now 2014 and he’s come a long way since the first time I met him.

This is why I felt my first impression of Rory’s authenticity was confirmed when I learnt that he did a TED Talk on ‘Giving your heart a head start.’

“Rory speaks about pressing through the logical arguments that our brain presents us and following our hearts in order to achieve success. He has followed numerous paths in his life, from starting Plush Music cc to being in the corporate world but no matter what has done he has followed his heart.”

Rors, as he’s known to his close friends is clearly an inspiration – at least he is to me, and it’s natural to think that you can’t actually expect anything less from a man who’s not afraid of consulting the nudging of his heart in most everything he does.

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